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    Fly for free with Ryanair. Get this vouchers for free by participation on Ryanair customers' services. Organizer The prize draws are operated by Alphalam LP. Alphala..

    Friday, March 9th, 2018,1029 Views
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    Fly for free with Ryanair. Get this vouchers for free by participation on Ryanair customers’ services.

    The prize draws are operated by Alphalam LP. Alphalam is registered in accordance with the Data Protection Act and practices 100% opt-in permission marketing.

    Our prize draws may be promoted over several different websites simultaneously.

    This draw will be held on 20/06/2018. Last entrants to this competition will be taken until 27/06/2018 at 23h59.

    Alphalam and the sponsors reserve the right at their sole discretion to modify, cancel or terminate a draw at any time without prior notice. In particular, but without limitation, this applies if a draw cannot operate according to plan for whatever reasons, such as the infection of computers with viruses, in the case of hardware and/or software errors and/or due to other technical and/or legal reasons which influence the administration, safety, integrity and/or the scheduled and proper execution of a draw. In such cases Alphalam and the sponsors also have the right to alter a draw at their discretion. In these cases, the organizer is also entitled to change these regulations.

    All prizes are subject to availability. We reserve the right to provide cash alternative for any prize or we will issue a prize of a similar specification where a substitute is required.

    The same prize may be accessible from one or various websites controlled by Alphalam. This will be the case if they consist on / have the same economical value or same prize group. In such a case, all participants will enter the same prize draw.


    Prize draw entrants must be registered on the website.

    The prize draw may be conducted over several different websites simultaneously.

    A maximum of fifty entries per person per prize draw can be accepted.

    A maximum of one entry per person per day is allowed for the daily prize draw.

    Members using duplicate registrations will be disqualified from winning the prize draws.

    Persons professionally connected with Alphalam LP or any of the prize draw sponsors are ineligible.

    Entrants may be disqualified as per the terms and conditions set out.


    Winners will be selected at random by computer within 72 hours of the prize draw closing date.

    Winners will be notified by Winner Announcement email. If you are a winner, simply follow the instructions on the email within 30 days of receiving it and your prize will be sent to you within 30 working days from your claim date.

    The operator is not responsible for delivery of emails.

    It is the entrant’s responsibility to check the website to see if they are a winner.

    Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the prize draw closing date. After that we will not enter into any further correspondence regarding that prize draw.

    We will publish the name and locality of winners. Winners will be deemed to give Alphalam LP a perpetual irrevocable license to use their name, locality and/or images in future promotions up to 2 years.


    All prizes are subject to availability. Should any prize be unavailable, a prize of similar price or specification could be substituted.

    A cash alternative to the stated prize may be offered to the winner if the operator so chooses.

    We use a third party to send all prizes and take no responsibility for failure of delivery outside of our control.

    Unclaimed prizes will be void.

    All images shown are for illustration only.

    Personal Information

    While entering a prize draw you may be asked to complete a questionnaire. Please see the Privacy Policy for information about how your answers and registration information may be used.

    Certain prize draws contain special terms or conditions. Please follow the link on the entry page for details.
    Entrants may be contacted by our sponsors by email, post or phone in order to promote their services, offers or prize draws.

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